Selasa, 06 Februari 2018

Hand Embroidered Art Dolls Christmas Ornaments

We haven't posted anything for quite some time, we've been lazy here but not with work as you can see. Last year somewhere in autumn we created two deer lady dolls and this time we wanted to make some new deer head dolls with folk inspiration. So we started collecting hand embroidered fabrics at the flea markets for the skirts of the art dolls and this is part of our work the rest of it you can see in the shop. Then there is a new detail we added to one of the art dolls which is the flower on her headpiece. Hand Embroidered Art Dolls Christmas Ornaments as in the example picture can be an idea of ​​ornaments to decorate the happy day in your house, and can also be used as a gift for the people closest to us

Chromehounds Papercraft

I promised myself no more consoles for a while, I've got a Ps2 and a Gamecube, what more do I need right? That Xbox 360 isn't going to have any games I like, it's all sports and car racing and angbangers. Not a Japanese game to be seen.

Then they go and start making games like Chromehounds and I think well I do like mechs and that whole giant robot thing. But how good could it be right? Well guess what it's freaking awesome! and to make it even better they have Papercraft on the japanese site! I'm sold... any game with giant mechs and official papercraft is something I need to play.

Enough rambling you can grab a papercraft Chromehound (or three) from the official website, click the green button in the bottom right corner. Me, well i'm of to EB Games to see what sort of deal I can get... That Dead Rising game looks promising too : )